Email & database marketing

  • We have a database with a total volume of 5 million addresses.
  • E-mails are categorized in 18 profiles of interest, and based on purchase history, gender, age and geolocation data. Example categories: finance 1.6 million addresses, fashion 1.1 million.

Targeting criteria

Our databases are behaviorally segmented based on specific user behavior, such as purchase history, reactions to previous campaigns, and on the basis of declarative data collected directly from users: gender, age and geographic data.

Available profiles: Finance, GSM, Fashion, Food, Travel, Real Estate, Health & Beauty, Insurance, Toys & Kids, Automotive, Shopping, Education, Contests, Home & Garden, Music Books Film, Office, and others.

Campaign Optimization

You can A/B test your mailings. We provide detailed reports of campaign results. Each mailing passes anti-spam checks before sending. We provide mechanisms for personalization. We give the possibility of retargeting campaigns, eg. by re-sending mails to users who have not opened the mail or did not click the link. We use deduplication.

Email campaigns from A to Z

Thanks to experience gathered by millions of sent emails, our company guarantees professional advice to effectively conduct the campaign from planning, conception of the campaign, selection the target for your campaign, anti-spam tests, preparing responsive and persuasive creation to detailed reporting of results.

For Publishers

You run a website, e-commerce platform, online forum - and you have a database of email addresses of your users and want to start making money on it? Playlink will let you convert your database into a regular source of income. Contact us and start making money on your database.

6 reasons why you should entrust us with administrations:

  1. We maximize income from the database, while maintaining user satisfaction and reducing unsubscriptions from the database.
  2. We care about database hygiene, providing diverse advertising content tailored to the contents of the database.
  3. We are constantly working on optimizing indicators, targets and selection of content advertising.
  4. We check provided materials, analyzing them in terms of technical and spam. We check the responsiveness of creations.
  5. We use the trusted server IP and DNS that are on whitelists of the largest providers in Poland. E-mails are authenticated using SPF and DKIM keys.
  6. We care about the security policy.
If you do not find in our offer you the services needed - please contact us.
We are open to increase our range and capabilities to provide you the highest quality of service and full satisfaction.