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  • Are you a webiste owner or manager of Internet portal? Do you have a Fan page at social media? Website, mobile application or an Internet portal?

  • Looking for a way to increase your incomes coming from your product?

Playlink offers several solutions that can dramatically raise the profitability of your product. At the same time providing your users with additional products that increase the involvement of users and attract new ones. We provide comprehensive White Label solutions (operating under the brand name and domain of the partner) for entire websites. Selected titles are closely matched and tailored to the needs of our partners.

Choose your business model:

Performance CPA (Cost per Action)

You are paid per action genereated by you users ie. for registering in a complementary product to your website. (CPL Cost per Lead).

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Revenue Share model (RS)

Each "Free to Play" game has a micropayment system built in allowing players to purchase virtual items, in game currency allowing to modify their character statistics or affecting the overall level of play. With the RS model you can up to 50% share in the profits. The effects of the RS model, are visible after at least 2-3 weeks. On average, this is the time what it takes to get the player into the game enough to start paying. After this time, the drops can make a real rain of money, every day!

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Hybrid model, MIX (CPA + RS)

You can use both model at the same time. Use instant benefits of CPL in a short term model while generating profits after product finalizing the product promotion.

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Affiliate Programs Platform

Playlink delivers Affilaite Program Platform avaialble in a white label mode. Create your own affiliate program and manage your partners. Increase revenues and build customers loyalty.

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