- performance marketing platform2013-12-10

Playlink SA announced the launch of a new platform of performance marketing – It allows for establishing relations and cooperating between advertisers and publishers in the creation and coordination of affiliate programs.

"More than four years of activity in the area of ​​creating tools for building affiliate programs are one hundred percent guarantee of high quality of  product, which is a self-service web platform monetigo" – says Piotr Jędrzejewski – CEO in the Playlink SA. "The market of affiliate networks in Poland is heavily saturated. In order to exist, one must submit a business model that will stand out among a number of other proposals. Monetigo system is the position of solid technology partner, not affiliate network "– he adds.

The platform is directed from one side to advertisers who sell products or services on the Internet, on the other hand, for publishers who provide advertising space on their sites. Users who are recommended by the publisher, perform desired action on websites of advertisers. Thanks to the universal nature and the comprehensive construction of the platform, monetigo can be also used by intermediaries in trade advertising – for example ad networks or affiliate networks. The innovative system offers many benefits for both parties of affiliate program.

Advertisers gain above all the ability to build long-term relationships with their own networks of publishers. Users of the platform define the terms of cooperation with the sites, buy sales leads and have full control over the budget, the place and the effectiveness of the affiliate program.

Profits for publishers represent revenue from advertising on sites, on fan pages, in mailing databases. Participation in the affiliate program allows publishers to directly reach new advertisers and the joint development of the most effective forms of promotion.

The platform is available on the Internet at from November 27th 2013.