PP.FunHub.pl - change for the better!2014-02-05

After two years of active operation of the affiliate program FunHub.pl it is time for a change! The technology platform has undergone in recent years a number of modifications, gaining on the transparency of the structure and improvement of communication with users. These changes are a consequence of long-term policy of product development and experience gained during the time of operation of the platform.

The main changes visible on the platform are: reorganization menu, fine-tuning of the visualization sphere and rebuild of navigation. Modifications ensure much easier access to the platform resources. Page has become more user friendly thanks to increasing transparency.

"The best proof of the dynamic development of the platform are steadily increasing numbers. This certainly indicates high satisfaction of participants of the program. We noted several fold increase in earnings of platform users compared with the same period in 2012 "- says Maciej Nowowiejski - Manager of FunHub.pl.

The total number of publishers is 800. They have completed altogether several hundred payments. Since the beginning of the platform, over 100 games have been promoted. The number of active programs is about 60.

Let us recall that FunHub.pl is a platform which allows to monetize traffic on websites, blogs, videoblogs and fan pages. Website owners can make money by recommending gathered in platform games. They receive payment in two different billing models: Cost Per Lead (payment for specific actions taken by the user, such as registration in the game) and Revenue Share (percentage share in the profits derived from micropayments). Publishers joining the affiliate program enjoy the best rates in Poland.  FunHub.pl offers the most interesting titles on the market. The collection is constantly replenished with new items. Fans of computer games can always find something for themselves - regardless of age and thematic preferences.

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Address of the site: www.pp.funhub.pl